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The 9KG Challenge - The Weigh In!

I am sure i am not alone in this, the idea of weighing and measuring is not a fun one. Whenever you go to a personal trainer, it is a necessary evil in which to see how your body has changed and give you a great boost when you have lost inches or pounds or a motivational shunt if your progress is not as great as your own expectations aren't met (lets face we all set our personal bar too high - myself included) etc. However, it is what it is and well if i am doing this, then i have to be in it all the way and start at the beginning and the beginning is before photos *rolls eyes* and measurements.

The one thing i will say is that every single person is different, i am naturally heavy from all the sport i have done - lets call it muscle mass which can at times be blooming annoying since i see friends the same size and shape as me and i am a stone heavier... but thats just the way it goes... so to start the simple starting block commences and all my numbers are shown!

Weight 77.9kg

Height 5ft 6.6"

Waist 30.5" or 77 cm

Bust 37" or 95 cm

Hips 40" or 100 cm

L Thigh 23" or 58 cm

R Thigh 23.5" or 59.5 cm - typical i have one bigger thigh than the other!! jesssh!

L Arm 10.2" or 26 cm

R Arm 10.5" or 27 cm

These are not numbers i am practically pleased to see but it is what it is and what it is is a challenge to work hard, probably fight with myself about going out and doing exercise but i will try my best to get these numbers more in line with where they should be... Let me reiterate something before, I am not in any shape unhappy or self loathing, i do love my body, and embrace everything about my shape, however i am doing these so i can feel intrinsically strong and healthy as i have over the past 6/7 months over indulged and neglected my exercise due to injuries and well i just needed a break and thats okay too, this is not going to be able to giving myself a hard time, this is simply a path to rediscovering my fitness and strength and in the process becoming leaner. So for all of you out there, if you are struggling and need a helping hand, get in touch, would be great to hear from you and see how you are doing and lets work together to get fit and strong! xxx





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