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Love Series I

As part of my venture into the world of Wellness, one of the most important aspects of this is taking a moment to start with ourselves, to be kind to ourselves and learn to love ourselves first and foremost. In order to start understanding what is working for us and what isn't , as well as helping us find a strength within so that what truly matters comes to the surface without conflict and you have the confidence to stand firm with how you feel. So to help you out, I have put together a series of articles to help you start finding your own passion and love for yourself so that your inner strength, confidence and self love will glow outward.

The Art of No

We as human beings are very much programmed into almost always saying yes to anything and everything as to not let other people down, even at the detriment to ourselves. The art is not saying no all the time but understanding when the right time to say no is. When you start, this may not always sit well with others nor may you get it right each and every time for yourself but you will slowly begin to understand what is right and what feels out of sorts. Don't beat yourself you so much about it, like everything of greatness, it takes time and it takes falling and getting back up for you to see a definition on how you work so that each time something comes up, you have the right emotion at the right time in order to say yes or no. Sometimes you just have to take a moment out and learn to understand that is perfectly okay too. No one person knows what you are going through and not everyone will understand but when you feel it strongly, make sure you stand firm and stay humble. Not everything you do will sit well with others.

Comparison with Others!

No! The only comparison you need ever do, is with yourself and only how far you have come along in your life and where you are now. Each and every person has their own unique and individual story and history that its impossible to try compare your life story and self to them. So what if they have things you would like or doing something you would like, use this as a key driver to find this for yourself if this is truly what fires you up, but let go of the comparing.. You are a treasure to yourself, you are am amazing person worthy of your own story and history and that is what you should focus on. Bring the feelings inward and learn to feel empowered with what you have achieved and how you are today. If there are things you feel need changing, then make a plan to slowly get there and make that your focus not other people.

Peace is Peace

You are allowed to give yourself a time out, whether thats switching off your phone, having a day off, watching movies. Sometimes we just need to take a moment for ourselves, and that can come in so many shapes and sizes. With all the coming and going of our day to day lives, we usually spend so much of our time dashing from one place to the next that we forget that stopping and spending a moment on you, is more powerful than any facial, massage, holiday, night out you can do. From 5 minutes to 5 hours or how long you need. Take that time to give yourself a moment of peace.

Mindfulness is Key...

This word is thrown around with abandon these days and sometimes can be so confusing, but fundamentally, trying to stop the automatic pilot which is triggered going to work, driving, working (to some extent) and making sure that whatever it is you are doing right now, you do with your mind and body fully engaged. Being present helps you find a sense of being that can only be achieved when all your senses are being activated. Living in the past or looking to the future all the time means that you miss the main act of your life and can't truly register with what is happening so that you cannot really appreciate yourself as you need to be able to sit with yourself and your own emotions and feelings in order to determine who you are.

One Present for me and another oh wait... Me

This may sound odd and 'deemed' selfish but in truth, we all deserve to be treated well, so why shouldn't we treat ourselves, expecting others to do it, leads only to disappointment and no one should expect someone to do something for you... You need to find your own happiness within yourself before others will do it for you. So treat yourself, maybe its a facial or just simply taking a day out and doing what you love. The treat doesn't have to have a cost associated to it, whatever it is: Take note, treating yourself is not a gift is should be part of your day to day maintenance to feeling fabulous.

Finding love for yourself is a time taking habit, it takes effort and time, it needs to become part of your daily routine so that you don't think of it at all. Lets take a moment and wonder, do you love yourself? Do you like yourself? Are you happy being by yourself, sitting in your own company? Are you happy to go with how you feel believe in yourself to know whats right for you? If the answer to any of these is making you feel uncomfortable, then keep reading and lets start today to self love and be kind and forgiving to yourself. You deserve the best life you can provide for yourself and to do that you need to start with you. Lets get going!





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