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Over the past few years I have had somewhat of a reinvention or rebirth of myself or perhaps, you could call it "a finding of who i really am" and building my foundations from ground up and finding the confidence and trust in myself above all else. Im not saying its been easy nor has it been fun at times, lots of crying and self understanding, whilst also waking up to lots of realisations of which the fundamental basic premise is that I, myself and only me had the power to alter my present, forgive my past and renew my future.

So my journey began and with that, I looked into different aspects of what my Wellbeing consisted of. For me I felt the only way i could break it down is into 5 areas:


This is the general being of who you are, the essence of what makes you laugh, smile, keeps you up beat, your support system and comfort levels within your own life. Not something you can tangibly see and/or touch but its all around and dips into every aspect of your life so that you need to be at least aware this little area holds a lot of cards and understand that it can affect or impact you elsewhere whether thats physically, mentally, emotionally etc


In general terms this is based around being free from harm, injury and illness and usually takes the form of mental and physical conditions. When you say you are in "Good Health" this tends to mean you are in good shape all around. The interesting thing that occurs across all of these areas is that they all cross over into each other, and for that reason become blurry to separate as well as become an influencing and/or detrimental dependant on how the decisions you make with your life choices. Take heed, every part of this journey i made, was through choices i made, whether good or bad, I made them, so unlearning the bad habits does take some time and self forgiving as well as some sacrifices along the way.


This does not have to mean running 2 hours a day or doing strength conditioning training all day long or having long lean muscles and veins popping out. Being fit is closely linked to being healthy and ultimately it means having the physical strength within yourself that you can not only physically deal with life's challenges but also have the mental acumen to be strong enough that whatever happens, you have the inner strength to deal with it as well. this does require dedication and persistence and a daily dose but what 'that' is, can vary from walking the dog, HIIT sessions, cardio, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, swimming and everything else in between.


The exact breakdown on nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Which quite frankly sounds a little dull, but in essence its finding what works for your body in order to fuel it for the day. To give you the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein etc that keeps you strong and free from illness. This is not a diet nor is it a strict routine, it is simply a state of being where you feel comfortable with the foods you are consuming and the drinks you drink. I am firmer believer of everything in small doses. Life is to be lived and so to restrict our food intake would just make life very controlled, and boring. Whereas if you eat how you feel and except that there will be days you indulge and days you feel like having less, and the varying days in between, when you treat it as a temple or a dilapidated old hut.. The most important thing is to understand is that you have the responsibility and choice to decide for yourself what you put in your body and how it makes you feel.

Finally and for me the most important aspect and which ties all the other areas together is LOVE.

Love for yourself first and foremost, because without this, As I have experienced first hand, there will only ever be a level of happiness that can be achieved and that level will always fall short of your own inner expectations and as such there will be a feeling of wanting, unsatisfaction. Whereas if you can fully embrace everything about yourself and give yourself the understanding and patience you allow others and let your heart open to loving yourself and all your imperfections. The true breakthrough of happiness starts to emerge, exceeding your expectations and you get to see first hand how amazing your life truly can be.

In truth this was the hardest aspect and the biggest struggle I faced for this was something I have always struggled with through out my life. Low self esteem, inner confidence, and layers of past experiences which have steadily accrued over time and left me unloved and fundamentally lonely. Unfortunately this was not a quick fix either, but what felt like a glacial pace. However, I did succeed and I slowly found my peace and comfort and learnt to really understand myself and more importantly love myself for who I am. No more or no less.

SO now that the 5 areas have been put out and my trip is almost complete, I feel my true intent as an individual is to use the skills I have obtained, the experiences I have and the research in progress and develop a strategy; A strategy that will allow everyone to find their personal centre of wellbeing at whatever stage of life you are at, whether thats the career orientated, the can't cooks, won't cooks, the don't have times, the multitaskers, the not enough energy, the injured, the lonely and unconfident and every other level there is in life. This strategy will house all the ways to start building the foundation and understanding to your wellbeing and show simple ways, ideas, changes etc on how to make the most of your life whilst understanding and promoting your own personal brand and lifestyle journey and which I am aptly naming "The Change Movement".

Going forth I will document tidbits in the areas I have researched and interviews I have undertaken to really get to the bones of the matter so I can provide a detailed strategy that can be tailored just for you.

"The Change Movement" will take time as there is so many areas to consider and so many options and variety out there to dig into but I feel this is duly worth it and feel so passionate about it that I know it will be hard work but mixed with equal parts fun and excitement along the way to build up an abundance of accumulated knowledge...

Watch this space and join me on my quest to find the answers we all want to know... Let "The Change Movement" commence.

Carole xxx

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