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The journey is long, 9 hours from Gatwick to Hewanorra International Airport, the road trip from the airport is a minimum of 2 hours of windy, hilly roads which doesn’t start the holiday at its best and when, and i do mean when i go back again i certainly will take advantage of the 12 min helicopter flight from airport to the Body Holiday. Saying that, the view was outstanding, so pregnant with life was the island, the rainforest so lush and green, it is a beautiful and ripe island and impossible not to fall in love with. The people are so open and friendly and the heat automatically starts to loosen those tight wound up muscles readying themselves for the real thing at the resort. Upon arrival we are welcomed with a soothing cold flannel and cocktail to start the wind down. Friendly staff escort us to the Luxury Ocean View room, where we could down tools, take a relaxing shower and then take a look around the place before we had our orientation tour the following morning.

The resort is based upon the principles of the four pillars : Fitness-Diet-Relaxation and Restorative Beauty. All of which have been honed to such a degree. It is what makes this place especially unique.


The choice is endless, and its very hard not to want to try your hand at everything, from someone who loves sport i was like a kid in a sweet shop, seeking out what i could do next, from outdoor water sports including paddle boarding, windsurfing, tubing, wake boarding, aqua-fit, water volley-ball, snorkelling, sailing and water skiing to an unlimited list of exercise classes which ticks every box you could possibly imagine. My favourite was the Caribbean dance fit, where we got to bust a move or two and bow down to the talented instructors and their amazing rhythm. It is a sight for sore eyes but what a sight and a brilliant way to get the heart rate up and legs toned, add to that a dollop of salsa, combat fitness, varying types of yoga ranging from Hatha to restorative and a whole host of other classes, you are spoilt for choice. There is no shortage of things to do at this place, and the hardest part is trying to work out your timings so you can fit it all in. If thats not enough, you have a chance to have a 1-2-1 personal training session with one of the resident personal trainers that will help tailor a program for you.

Thankfully a board of the next days activities go up so you can map out your day over dinner and perhaps a cheeky glass of rum.


The food is out of this world, everything is fresh and beautifully executed and a feast for the eyes, and showcasing true Caribbean cuisine to make the mouth water. The Body Holiday has 4 restaurants to choose from, two of them you do have to book at least 24 hours in advance (Cariblue Windows and Tao), Cariblue Windows is a 4 course tasting menu which changes daily and Tao is asian fusion. The deli is a perfect shaded spot for you to grab a juice, smoothie, salad on the go or if you want to sit down, and the Cariblue, which over looks the sea and where you eat as much or as little as you like in a casual dining setting. There is no shortage of food which accommodates all dietary requirements and the style of food changes daily. My favourite is the King Fish they serve, which is one of their local fish they have. Meaty and flavourful and a great healthy food. The only down side to the food is that no matter how healthy it all is, you want it all and to limit oneself just feels cruel, but then when you are doing so much exercise, I feel it is allowed. So go forth and enjoy what you want to eat.


Besides the food, the fitness, the next hugely popular pillar is relaxation. The spa is heavenly and stepping into the spa is instantly relaxing. With a daily massage or facial already scheduled for you on the trip, you have access to further treatments for a supplement. The Ayurvedic Spa is a place where you can find ultimate bliss and follow the ancient Indian tradition, these are a class above the rest and well worth adding to your packed schedule and give your well deserved body a heavenly Indian head massage or try the Shirodhara treatment which is the ultimate in relaxation. Add to that the Thalgo therapy treatments, which brings the benefit of water therapy to each treatment.

There is also chances to take two or three day journeys and rituals which aid in sleep promotion, detoxifying and bringing about a deeper sense of relaxation which is also supplementary.

Restorative Beauty

The final piece to the jigsaw is the restorative beauty of BodyHoliday. This is a place like no other, it brings about a sense of calm and rejuvenates you from the inside out and outside in. No matter why you come to the all-inclusive resort, you will come out of this with a renewed sense of calm, inner strength and clarity. The location is unspoilt and as well as the other principles this report holds itself highly to, this caters to every aspect of your desires and needs.

I can completely understand why at least 75% of the customers are returners. You come once and you come away with a renewed sense of who you are, it invigorates you in such a way you feel its compulsory to have as part of your yearly requirement. For couples, families and solo travellers, this resort has it all, it welcomes you with big Caribbean arms and gives you a break from your normal routine so you can experience and try out anything you like and its all done with your wellbeing and health in mind. The resort has something going on each and every month to keep you motivated and interested, if its not sailing month, its Jive June or September Solo travellers. The resort has it all, all you need to do is pack your sunscreen, swimwear, sport wear and dinner outfit and you are ready for the most restful, exhilarating and personal wellbeing journey you will ever have… Everyone should give themselves this trip as their own personal present.. You deserve it.

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