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5 Tips To a Mindful Home

What do I mean when I say a mindful home?

Ever noticed how when you have spring cleaned your home, made your bed, cleared away the messes and tidied away the plates, does a lightness start to emerge within yourself? On a psychological level, if your home is a mess, your mental acumen can at times feel out of whack as well. The home is an extension and visual display of your inner emotions.

Mindfulness is and can be (like everything these days) be taken to extremes, and one can delve too deep into the buddhist roots and create a lifestyle so encased in mindfulness that I often feel that the point may have been missed several miles along the way and the search for enlightenment and inner peace is the only goal. That you end up missing the journey, saying that, if you are on that path and find it, then everything I say is wrong. Yet to us mere mortals mindfulness is about bringing awareness back to ourselves and being present within the moment and understanding how we feel in that moment, and understanding that our thoughts, no matter how loud they shout are transient and don't have to control our emotions at every turning and can be something you simply accept and let go, whilst being present. It is something that everyone can do everyday and with practise really does improve your physical and mental experiences and allow you to bring about a sense of calm to usual stressful situations. It is often very much used for people with anxiety and stressful conditions, however it is also just a great practise for everyone to take part in and allow yourself to understand yourself and how you fit in this world at this very moment and sit with it.

Mindfulness is often linked to meditation, a form of stopping in your tracks and just siting with yourself and bringing yourself a moment to stop, slow down and focus on your breathing instead of the usual running around, trying to achieve everything like the mad hatter 'Im late i'm late'

So in order to help, I have mapped out my favourite 5 tips that take next to no time to do and will have a very positive impact to yourself by bringing about a sense of calm when you are at home.

Wake with the Sun

There is no purer light than what we see when we open our eyes first thing in the morning. Making sure you go to bed with the dark, will allow your circadian rhythm to naturally wake you with the sun, and not only is it so peaceful first thing in the morning, you have those few extra hours when you feel so much more productive, that the sense of achievement and happiness is increasing even before people get out of bed.


Mindfulness without meditation is just a word, to the untrained, meditation could and mostly like is a painful 10 minutes of sitting, feeling everything other than peace. Please persevere though, as we most things of value, the more you try, the easier it becomes and soon enough you will find that you too can sit, lie down or walk in meditation and gently let your breathe be the guide and allow yourself to follow your thoughts but not engage in them, and bring about a sense of calm. Another great way is to meditate in the shower, the flow of the water is a great stimulator to visualise washing away any negative, stressful thought and being left fresh and clean ready to start the day with a lighter spring in your step.

Make Your Bed

Sounds so simple and obvious but the state of your bed is the state of your head. If you wake and get up, without making the bed or opening the curtains, your mind is never really fully engaged and can at times feel like you are hiding your true self, so slowly start today, open your curtains, and the window and let in fresh air to blow away the cobwebs of your room and mind, then gradually bring about change to make the bed, it doesn't have to be army style neatest but enfold your day in dignity and feel the self of satisfaction of achieving something before stepping out the door.

Wash Your Dishes

Whether you have a dishwasher or hands, its great to clear away all the dishes and cups once you have used them, in a way you are rinsing away your self importance and cleaning up after yourself. It will bring about a sense of pride and self worth in this tiny act. Don't leave it, as the burden of unfinished business with slowly gather its guilt and weight heavy on your shoulders and make a sticky mess, so take those 5 minutes to unburden yourself and allow yourself to breathe.


I know i talk about sleep a lot but it is so important in every department of our lives and can affect every aspect of our waking and sleeping day, so when you feel tired, sleep. Don't delay, don't prolong or put it off. when you feel tired, grab some shut eye and listen to your body.

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