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Yoga and Brunch - Success Starts Small..

The moment came and went in a blur but the experience will forever linger as a happy and magical moment where Yoga meets healthy nutritious energy packed food. Combining the skills of Carole's Kitchen and Upwarddogsyoga instructing, the morning was a feast of fabulous yoga poses, to fulfil and infuse life back into our bodies and then a brunch to feed the soul and keep us nourished:

Carole's Kitchen delighted up with a brunch bag full of:

Matcha Smoothies - To replenish and detox

Protein Energy Balls - To invigorate and repair any muscle fatigue

Matcha Energy Balls - To sustain and provide healthy dollop of antioxidants

Blueberry & Nut Muffins - To provide a powerhouse of protein and soluble fibre to nourish within

Pecan & Cranberry Brownies - To provide vitamins and soluble fibre

Flavoured Popcorn - Well why not, low calorie, tasty and fun!

Chocolate - All dairy, gluten and refine sugar free and a treat to take home and enjoy at a later date.

All of which are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free but loose non of the taste and flavour. Packed with love and goodness, it was the perfect combination of exercise for the soul and food that loves you back. A whopping great success.

Watch this space for more dates coming up and book fast as the waiting list is already long!

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