Zen Spice

Zen Spice

This is a beautifully balanced spice which is light fruity and delicate to add to your dark chocolate drink. A lovely drink to have in the afternoon to keep your mind focused and energy levels high and yet balanced. 


Zen Spice - Light, fruity, and delicate to lift, stimulate and balance your mind and body. 

Orange Powder, Yuzu Powder, White Pepper, Cloves, Licorise Root Powder, Star Anise & Smoked Sea Salt. 




Cloves: High in antioxidants, help protect against cancer, kill bacteria, improves liver health and regulte blood sugar levels. 


White pepper: The regular intake of white pepper protects from various cardiovascular diseases and cancers by preventing formation of free radicals. It also aids in weight loss due to the presence of capsaicin, that burns fat in the body


Orange Peel Powder contains Vitamin C which helps to form collagen and elastin which is the secret to beautiful skin. It makes your skin look youthful and bright.  It contains antioxidants which slow down wrinkles, sagging and skin aging. It helps reduce inflammation and shrinks pores.


Yuzu Powder benefits include reducing inflammation and promoting heart health. rich in Vitamin A & C and limonene, which help neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce inflammation in your body. This may improve blood flow and reduce your risk of heart disease, though further research is needed. It also helps reduce your heart rate and help relieve stress, anxiety, and other tensions.


Licorice root may have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects. Early research suggests that, as a result, it may ease upper respiratory infections, treat ulcers, and aid digestion, among other benefits


Star Anise: Antioxidant Benefits. Fights Viruses and Flu. Digestive Aid and Protection.

Stops Growth of Bacteria and Fungi. May Reduce Respiratory Congestion. Improves Lactation. Eases Menopause Symptoms.


Smoked salt is perfect for enhancing the salinity of a dish while imparting the smokiness inherent to burnt wood,