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The Ultimate Chocolate Spread

This is a great 5 ingredient chocolate spread, full of soluble fibre, nutrients, vitamins and minerals and super easy to make


400ml Oat Milk

200g of medjool dates - de seeded

1 tblspn of 80 Noir Ultra chocolate pistols

3 tblspn raw cacao powder

1 tblspn coconut butter


1) Heat the oat milk and medjools together for 10 mins until they start to soften and go mushy

2) Add the cacao powder and mix well together

3) Take it off the heat and add the 80Noir Ultra pistols and coconut butter

4) Mix in a blender (i use a magi mix) until combined

5) Pour into a clean glass jar and try not to eat straight away


Perfect on porridge, toast, ice cream, on pancakes or by the spoonful just because its so dang tasty!


Takes 10 mins from straight to finish and will last a few weeks in the fridge.

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