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The 9KG Challenge -Tips to Stave of Hunger

This challenge is not easy, I would be lying if I said it was, and say that's its so easy to lose weight and "oh how wonderful I feel", its not and I don't. The older I get, the harder I do find it is to lose the extra pounds... From the twenties where I could just do a bit more exercise and eat a bit less and a week later, I had lost half a stone, to the early thirties where you eat a little bit less and do a bit more exercise, in 2 weeks I have lost half a stone, to now, 6 months before my 40th, more weight has been forming on my tummy, and no amount of eating a little less and increasing the exercise does it mean in three weeks, I am half a stone lighter. It is hard, it is a hard slog to be fighting age as well as your bodies need to keep weight on. Its a daily struggle between mind and body and well mostly mind. I need regular kicks to keep going and subside the daemons telling me to give up or take a rest... This is not the time rest but it is hard, and hard work, physically and mentally.

So far, I have had to find inventive ways to stave off hunger as its all very well and good to increase your exercise and although I wholeheartedly agree to it, you do need to reduce (marginally) your food intake so that you burn up fat stores and create a leaner stronger version of yourself. As such there will be times when you just want to eat everything in sight, I know this as that's how I feel most days, usually in the afternoon, that lull between lunch and dinner, (if you aren't having mini snacks). Sometimes I go for a light snack but if there is nothing good on offer, I try to abstain and hold out for dinner. On those days I am finding inventive ways to "distract" because that's all its really doing till din dins. Here are my so far so good tips to help..


Water is now my new best friend, whether you are filling up the bottle or getting cups and cups of it, this transparent drink helps fill you up and costs no calories as well as helps you feel better - although sometimes this is just not good enough as after all, it tastes fresh but of nothing and when you crave food, its a far cry from what you want. However i do recommend that regardless you up the water intake from your normal. As this will help weight loss as well as clear skin, de-bloat and regulate your temperature and all other toasty benefits it provides


Yes you heard correct, cleaning your teeth when you are hungry is a great way to detract, provides you with minty freshness and lets face it, nothing tastes great when you try to eat after brushing your teeth. If the pangs of hunger start calling, brush your teeth and it does help subside the feelings for quite some time as well as helps your teeth... win win

Carrots or Celery

Mostly made of water, these sweet and tasty veg are perfect when you need to nibble on something without it costing you empty calories. Prep some on a Sunday and put them in the fridge for when the snackeroos attack. They will keep for about 3-5 days so perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Bubble Bath

Its relaxing, its away from food, its a helpful way to detract and bring you a sense of calm, so that you can settle into enjoying the journey that is this 9KG challenge, as well as being able to rest your possible aching limbs. Now that's a good idea to me!


This is a huge one, whether its from a partner or whether you have a group of friends who all decide to embark on a challenge, having a support group big or small will help when you have moments of weakness, someone to lean on when its getting too tough for you to handle... There is no reason why you have to do this alone, allow your family, friends, support networks to help you through this and embrace all that is around.








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