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Our Story

Changing Times, Changing Minds with 80Noir Ultra Dark Chocolate

If you have never heard of 80Noir Ultra then you are in for a treat! Not only do we provide premium quality, dark chocolate, we have removed the bitterness too! You can now enjoy a 79.3% dark chocolate which is rich, creamy, smooth and thoroughly delicious to drink or eat.


Why have we done this? Simple. The biggest problem a lot of people have with consuming dark chocolate (even though they know it's good for us) is that it's too bitter. Instead they eat white or milk chocolate to satisfy their taste buds and end up with only a few (or even zero) mind and body benefits; more often than not feeling guilty and gluttonous. This perpetuates the story that most associate with chocolate - that it is bad for us, a guilty treat, an indulgence.


Well not anymore! We have solved this problem and not only that, provided your perfect daily dose so you have enough to feel satisfied, satiated and reap the maximum amount of mind & body benefits from this humble bean. Leaving you only feeling happy, content, boosted and balanced.

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The Science of 80Noir Ultra

80Noir Ultra is packed with:



(magnesium & potassium)




The cacao beans made to make 80noir Ultra dark chocolate have naturally occurring nutritional benefits (the cacao bean is one of the worlds best superfoods), as we try to maintain the structure of the cacao as best we can by not adding too many ingredients, we are maximising the amount of benefits derived from the bean. As such the naturally occurring antioxidants trigger chemicals in our bodies to increase our serotonin, dopamine levels and our “bliss hormone”. Which  aids relieving our stress, anxiety, assisting in reducing depression 4-fold, soothing our soul and improving our happiness. Which is one of our priorities when drinking / eating 80Noir Ultra. Additionally, when added to your fitness routine, it makes you work harder for longer, with no energy dip, maintaining balance and a quick recovery process… and all in about 13-25g of chocolate. It really is the elixir to our positive balanced lifestyle!

How is dark chocolate good for our wellbeing?

Cacao found in dark chocolate and the phenolic compounds inside the cocoa can strengthen the defences of our immune system and up our body's resistance. Dark chocolate also contains Tryptophan, which is an amino acid and is also the precursor for serotonin; our body's natural mood stabiliser. Increased serotonin allows you to feel calmer, happier and less anxious. 


Dark chocolate also has the capacity to affect our dopamine levels, which is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centre. When you consume dark chocolate, you increase the level of dopamine in the brain which tells the individual that they should try and get more of whatever it was that caused that increase. Which is good for 80Noir Ultra, as we provide perfect-sized doses to allow you to feel satiated and happy.


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Alongside dopamine you have a key compound called tryzmine, which is derived from the amino acid tyrosine and a precursor to dopamine. If these levels are increase, it activates the reward center and "love drug" and is why you experience pleasure and joy when you have your first sip or bite of dark chocolate. 


However, if you choose low quality chocolate, the sugar and added nasties will increase this, so you eat more and then in turn happiness turns to guilt and self punishment. 80Noir Ultra prevents this. Less is definitely more.


How is dark chocolate able to improve our fitness?

In terms of fitness, 80Noir Ultra is packed with magnesium to aid muscle and nerve health, along with 98% of your potassium requirement, so it helps replenish lost electrolytes. As it has the most amount of antioxidants packed into it, the polyphenols in dark chocolate can help the body form more nitric oxide, a compound that causes blood vessels to dilate and blood to flow more easily - therefore you can work harder for longer. It is also proven to be better than using beetroot juice as it improves oxygen consumption by 6% and the GET (Gas Exchange Threshold) which is a marker of cardiovascular fitness capacity increases by 21%. 

With the help of my Elite Chocolate Squad we want to spread the message that 80Noir Ultra is a valuable part of our positive lifestyle and will bring you a moment of calm, a clean boost of energy, may help protect you from cognitive degenerative diseases, reduce your stress levels and anxiety and make you feel happier and hugged from within!  This mighty drink, bar and training bars will do all that and we are here to show you how!

As many people are pre-programmed into believing that all chocolate is bad, we see it as incumbent that 80Noir Ultra change that perception, by providing and sharing the knowledge gained through years of developing high quality chocolate.

The Benefits of Chocolate

The benefits of chocolate comes from the cacao bean itself, so the higher the ratio of cocoa mass/ butter in the chocolate, the greater the extent of mind/body benefits. When you look at the back of your chocolate if sugar is the first ingredients, avoid it for your own health and wellbeing.

Used for
80Noir Ultra






Cocoa Mass

Cocoa Butter

Sugar Content

Milk Solids



Has to have 20%

Has to have 20%

Has to have 20%



Minimum of 35%

Minimum of 70%

Limited to 55%



Minimum of >21%

14% & 3.5% milk fat

26.5% milk solids

23% milk solids



Skimmed Milk Powder

Whey Powder (from milk)

Milk Fat


Skimmed Milk Powder

Whole Milk Powder

Citric Acid

Fat Free Cocoa

Vegetable Fats


Palm / Shea Fats

Note 1: Technically Ruby Chocolate has not been defined as a chocolate as it has too much unsweetened chocolate to be white chocolate and not enough unsweetened chocolate to be milk chocolate. And, from a visual and flavour perspective it is not a dark chocolate. So it's currently an undefined ‘Chocolate’ 


Note 2: A benefit of milk chocolate is that it is high in calcium

Mental Health Awareness

How does dark chocolate help mental health awareness?

In today's society, Mental Health is more prevalent than ever before. Prior to lockdown and the Covid Pandemic, one in six people were estimated to suffer from mental health matters in their life. This has now increased to one in four. As such it is more important than ever to have as many tools in our arsenal as possible to aid our mind and wellbeing. The premise behind 80Noir Ultra is, and always will be, to nurture, soothe and boost our mental and physical wellbeing through the use of premium quality chocolate. When eaten and drunk in the right doses and quality it does help improve us physically and mentally. 

From the way we take a time out to enjoy this humble elixir, to the many amazing nutritional benefits this *drink of the gods* provides us, it is here to help provide a comforting blanket, aid our sleep, soothe our souls, restore our balance, boost our happiness and promote our performance. It means so much to so many and is here to offer an alternative solution to add to your positive lifestyle. 


As we continue to grow, we will be working closely with more companies and charities to highlight the positive benefits of our chocolate and how they seamlessly interweave into the wellbeing and fitness space, not to mention the amazing companies we have already worked with: The Blurtitout Foundation, Strava, and charities like The British Red Cross. We are always interested if you have an event or monthly gift, party etc that you would like catering for.


Contact info@80noirultra.com to discuss with me further.

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I have to stop myself from eating the buttons whilst I make a hot chocolate. They are SO addictive. I make it with oat milk in the pan and you were spot on, it’s really helped with my anxiety. I’ve also noticed a hot chocolate a day has stopped my sugar cravings from being all over the place... I’ve got really bad sugar issues and I’m really finding your hot chocolate is helping me a lot by getting into a rhythm of not bingeing sugar all the time.


Jen Goodman June 2021

We want to sell something superior, something you will enjoy and feel compelled to tell others about. 


Where does 80Noir Ultra fit with sustainability?

We all have responsibilities to the sustainability of our environment and planet and 80Noir Ultra wants to be a part of this. Not only to the environment but to our farmers at the cacao plantations, not to mention along the whole traceability train of cacao. Finding ways to make our chocolate as ethical, morally responsible and a friend to the planet and animals in it.

Something that changes your perception on chocolate being a guilty, indulgent treat and instead something that converts milk chocolate lovers over to the dark side!


I have had many “milk chocolate converters” who are now stuck as they can’t go back to milk chocolate as 80Noir Ultra has elevated their quality and taste buds!

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How does 80Noir Ultra factor here?


The majority of society thinks chocolate is a guilty,indulgent and 'naughty treat' to be had occasionally and here at 80Noir Ultra HQ, we want to highlight and help educate everyone on the sliding scale of chocolate that is around us, giving everyone factual information to make informed decisions for their own health and wellbeing, and not what is fed through TV ads, mass market, and huge corporate chocolate companies pushing low quality, cheap chocolate onto us. We are here to say No to that and show you a world where dark chocolate has its place in our daily lifestyle, where we convert milk chocolate lovers to the dark side without sacrificing on taste and knowing they not only love the chocolate, they feel fabulous inside and out. We are here to change mindsets and provide dark chocolate daily.

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It's safe to say I am winning everyday on the dark chocolate revolution. I may be small but I am dedicated, passionate and love 80Noir Ultra®, and with that comes an accountability to do my best: 

I use premium dark chocolate which is part of the sustainable Cacao Horizon Foundation community which helps educate, protect and serve the local farmers, the system and the environment. 


I don't use palm oil in any of my products, I have visited Borneo Sepilok Orangutan Reserve and seen first hand the devastation deforestation is doing to our animals. 


I am working to make 80Noir Ultra® cacao 100% traceable 


I am moving towards using environmentally friendly packaging across all product ranges. 50% of the range already is. 


I use organic natural toppings for all the hand made training bars 


I have started a new #nowaste campaign for all our hand made training bars, any that don't meet the acceptable standard are now made into wonkies; the perfectly imperfect bar so that we use up all the chocolate. Not one drop is wasted. 


We have fabulous customer care and second-to-none interaction. I am proud to have a large Instagram following and growing Facebook/twitter accounts, along with a solid 5/5 on our google reviews from independent customers. 


I am working on providing an educational platform to promote the positive balanced association of dark chocolate, mental health, wellbeing and fitness to everyone. Thereby changing the stigma attached. #chocolaterevolution