Hot Chocolate Drink Guide 

Hot Chocolate has so many hats but the two you need to know about are the ones that boost your wellbeing and day to day greatness as well as the one that soothes, calms and hugs you from the inside, with these two you will get through everything with a positive hyggelig happy view on life.  

Quick "n" Easy 


Step 1: Make this your AM ritual to boost your mood, bring clarity to mind and focus on your having your best day ahead of you. 

Drink-it-your-way-illustration 1.png

Step 2: Get a colour full mug, studies show that the brighter the mug, the better the flavour and why not start your morning in the best possible way. 

Mini Hot Choc Bars Mock Up (front).png

Step 3: Break the bar into the mug and top up with 60-120ml of hot water, not boiling water (this isn't tea, it needs to be around 80 degrees. 


Step 4: Whisk so it's a rich smooth emulsion. 70 Calories and only 22% RDA of your chocolate amount. Takes less than 30 seconds to make and is the perfect pick me up without the jitters in the morning. Make this your ritual to start the day great. 

Booster Hot Chocolate 

Slow and Steady 


Step 1: This is the hot chocolate to soothe your soul, reduce your stresses, release your anxiety and bring your back to earth in a cloud of hyggelig happiness and positivity.  

Step 2: Find your favourite mug, one that evokes a positive feeling, a memory, the shape, weight and feel of a mug makes the beginning of enjoy this hot chocolate even more special. Take 220ml of hot milk (of choice) and put it in your vintage milk pan and gently heat up just so you see a few bubbles, Stir with a wooden spoon slowly. 

Black - front transparent.png

Step 3: Once the milk is heated, pour in 25g of beads and gently stir with a wooden spoon then finish off with a whisk to bring it all together. Take it off the heat when you whisk and watch it blend into a beautiful dark chocolate elixir. 


Step 4: Then pour into your favourite mug, breathing in the heady aroma of chocolate and let it starts hugging you from the inside. The make the most of this moment, go to your cosy corner, sit under a blanket or fire, listen to music, or read a book and really take a time out to sit with your drink and be present. 

Hyggelig Hot Chocolate 

In order to make the most of this Soothing Elixir, when you are stirring the milk, why don't you say a word or two of gratitude. Mediation or gratitude are very easy, simple and effective ways to promote a sense of positivity and change your vibes to be in a better place without doing too much. Here's one to chant (out loud or in your head) thats simple and easy. 

May you be filled with loving Kindness

May you be well. 

May you be patient and at ease

May you be free from suffering and happy.