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Chocolate has so many benefits. Not only does it satisfy any craving but helps your performance in sport and fitness levels. Whether it's for fun, lifestyle, racing or social. Chocolate will work for you. 

Great for heart & circulation


Dark chocolate can boost brain & cardio health


Inhibiting the actions of Myostatin in the body to 'remove the brakes' on muscle growth


Contain magnesium to improve bone & nerve strength

High source of fibre

Fitness Unsplash.jpg
Image by Quino Al

Improve cholesterol & insulin sensitivity


Flavanols in cacao can reduce inflammation build up from the stresses of running or exercise


Packed with antioxidants to improve performance


Reduces blood pressure

Epicatechin, a flavonol which includes nitric oxide, dilates blood vessels & reduces O2 consumption - so you can train harder for longer