80 Noir Ultra -
Training Bars
Instructions of Use. 

Energy/Recovery Drink


1) AM or 30min before exercise. Booster to replenish energy levels, reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall wellbeing

2) PM or 10-20min after exercise. Recovery drink after exercise


1) 1 flat scoop add to cup, pour add 60-80ml hot water and mix

2) 2 flat scoops add to glass, pour small amount of hot water to melt, stir then add 125ml of cold milk of choice (for a longer drink add 250ml max for +75min effort.

Intensity scale 

1)                                              2)

2 for 1 Chocolate Bar


1) ALL DAY. As a bar when you need a bolt of chocolate, a snack.

2) ALL DAY. Made into a Chocolate shot for a boost (with hot water, or relaxer (with milk of choice)


1) Unwrap and enjoy. Simple

2) Snap, Drop and Pour 60ml hot water (for boost), 60ml hot milk of choice (for a soothing relaxing drink)

Intensity scale 

1)                                              2)

Daily Booster Bar


This booster bar is jam packed with mood enhancing and body boosting benefits. A delicious bar you can eat daily, to curb the afternoon slump, beat the blues and/or energise you through a long training exercise.With the additional raw cacao this might be small but its got a mighty positive punch!


1) Mid/Afternoon slump (1 bar)

2) During endurance exercise training (1-3 bars up to 75mins, 5-6 up to 3 hours)

Intensity scale

Apple Pie Bar (Pre Exercise)


Ever feel queasy and jittery? Let the apple pie guide you through and to the other side so you feel calm, relax and the spice, gives you a spicy kick to get through the day or through your session. A beautiful flavoured bar that will lift your mood and settle your stomach. 


1) When you are feeling uneasy and unsettled (1 bar)

2) 30 mins before exercise (1-3 bars depending on session)

Intensity scale

Funky Monkey Bar (Post Exercise)


To replenish and restore after a hard days work, whether that physical or mental, this bar will start your recovery process. Either have straight after exercise or when you feel an extra boost to your day. A great nutty snack to get you through the tough times. 


1) Mid/Afternoon slump (1 bar)

2) Post exercise (1-3 bars depending on session)

Intensity scale

Why 80 Noir Ultra Works for You.


1. Chocolate is known to calm you down when stressed and relieve anxiety. Smelling it or having dark chocolate increases serotonin and endorphin levels in your brain and reduces the stress hormones cortisol. 

2. Chocolate makes you live longer due to the antioxidants which are known to fight cancer

3. Hot chocolate can improve mental performance and as such delay the effects of ageing by giving you a mental boost and increasing energy levels


1. Aids muscles recovery​

2. Lowers blood pressure

3. Lowers risk of heart disease

4. Boosts metabolism as it contains the stimulant caffeine and theobromine 

5. A great source of soluble fibre

6. Raise HDL and improving insulin sensitivity, as well as protects LDL from oxidative damage​

7. Protects your skin from sun damage

8. Contains Flavanols which Improves brain function

9. Great for hair, skin dryness and nails


Dark chocolate (cacao min 70%+ content) is so beneficial to our bodies, it also helps raise our immunity. Packed full of minerals.** In a 100g bar:

  • 11 g of fibre

  • 67% of the RDI for iron

  • 58% for magnesium

  • 89% of RDI for copper

  • 98% of RDI for manganese

  • Plenty of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium​

**Recommendation to take 13.5g - 35g of dark chocolate a day

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