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Chocolate Origins

A look into my new range of chocolate, it's origin and insight into how the benefits of chocolate really do help out wellbeing, fitness and health.

Pure dark chocolate has so many amazing qualities for our mind and bodies. Eaten in the right doses -around 13.5 to 30g per day -it can improve our mental clarity, improve performance, lower our blood pressure, increase our happy hormones and reduce our stress levels.

80Noir Ultra has been over 30 years in the making; cultivated from years of research, testing different flavour combinations of drinking chocolates and chocolate bars around the globe. I have been on a perpetual search for a truly great drinking chocolate, coming close in Italy and again in the Swiss Alps, until eventually I created my own signature blend of chocolate: one which would knock the socks off all the drinking chocolates out there -a true taste of chocolate: a purity like no other. I developed a recipe that is unique to me and now I am sharing it with you. 

Like many of our fine foods, 80NU is a blend of different beans; capturing the best and unique qualities of each to create the perfect recipe. 80Noir Ultra Cacao is based on three main tastes balancing bitterness, fruity and spicy notes. I use sustainably sourced Porcelana from Venezuela and Trinitario from Tanzania and Cuba to give my solid bars and hot chocolate pistols their uniquely smooth, rich, clean and moreish flavour.

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Where are the Cocoa Beans Sourced?

80Noir Ultra is cacao based on three main notes: balancing bitterness, fruity and spicy and sourced Sustainably from the below locations. 



In northern Venezuela, close to the Caribbean, the tropical climate benefits these beans and offers a perfect balance between an intense taste of cocoa and woody notes.




In a hot and humid tropical climate in the Lake Malawi region, cocoa beans reveal a chocolate harmoniously combining acidity with intense bitterness of the cocoa.




A Baracoa southeast of the island, the beans are distinguished by their intense aroma of cocoa tracking vegetal notes release tobacco leaves.


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How is 80Noir Ultra Produced?

80Noir Ultra is not like "regular" chocolate. It's a premium quality pure dark chocolate so it comes to you with as little processing done as possible. The drinking chocolate is packaged as beads and not in powder form. That would require heating and drying of the chocolate to produce and therefore removes the nutrients and flavour and why when you taste it, you are transported to a world of meltingly rich, smooth pure dark chocolate, bursting with flavour and overloaded with antioxidants and other health healing and mental wellbeing benefits. Offering you a vibrant and happy feeling on a daily basis.


The snack bars and training bars are made from solid pure chocolate which melts in your mouth releasing a clean rich flavour that allows you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, revitalised and completely 100% satisfied.


Training Bars

1. Tempered from beads, these are hand crafted bars made in my chocolate lab to add to your training regime fuelling. Lovingly created and made individually.

2. Each bar has been topped with natural organic ingredients.

3. All bars are vegan friendly.

4. All bars have been inspired to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. 


Solid Bars

1. Each handy sized bar can be either eaten as a snack bar or made into an instant hot chocolate shot. 

2. Perfect sized bar, this is under the daily recommended allowance and boosts a wealth of health and mood benefits to give you the boost you deserve.

3. Each bar is 70 calories per bar.

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1. Pistols are solid chunks of 80 Noir Ultra chocolate, also known as:





2. They are the perfect base for energy drinks and drinking chocolate.

3. They can be added to sweet and savoury dishes.

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80Noir Ultra Chocolate Bars

80Noir Ultra chocolate bars has 2 GOLD STARS for Great Taste 2019 - Their Feedback states: 

This chocolate looks beautiful, deeply coloured with a good sheen and a satisfying snap. It has the velvety dark chocolate feel at the start and goes into a sweet-almost-bitter taste which is silky smooth in the mouth with a long almost creamy finish. This is clever, to produce a chocolate bar which is nearly 80% cacao but without the corresponding intense bitterness.


A bar of tiny squares which snaps cleanly and is quite glossy. The melt is gradual, we find cocoa but no bitterness, a little flinty almost. A good character and delicious finish after a few minutes of appreciating the melting moment.

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Snack Bars

Make sure you have these in your cupboard at all times, so you have them ready when you need a pick me up. We have 3 flavours, which have been lovingly tried and tested to ensure they have the best ingredients to not only taste amazing, but make our minds and bodies work the best way they can. They are inspired for you at various stages in your day. If you feel slightly on edge or unsettled: The Apple & Nuts will comfort and settle you whilst giving you a hum of spice to cheer up your day. When you have worked hard whether physically or mentally: The Trail Bar is your friend, the hard working bar is packed with bananas and nuts to help you recover and repair so you are ready to take on the world. Lastly the all rounder. Booster Bar: Fusing the beauty of smoked sea salt and 80Noir Ultra, this bar starts to help increase your mood, boost your endurance and replenish your wellbeing from the inside out. The perfect trio to suit every occasion because without a doubt, these bars have been created so you feel amazing and full of happiness. Try it now to see for yourself...

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